About the games

Match is a teaching aid that can be used by everyone, in the classroom, by smaller groups of people, individually and in special teaching.

The teaching aid Match provides the students with a broad range of possibilities of development both professionally and socially:

  • Achievement of specific knowledge in the subject of mathematics
  • A supplement to traditional teaching methods
  • Increased motivation in the learning environment
  • Increased memory span
  • A way to practise cooperative learning and to develop social skills

Get more information about each of the Match games by clicking one of the images below:

Match Learner™    Match it up! Beginner Match Learner™    Match it up! Advanced Match Learner ™ Shapes and Colors
Match Learner ™ Numbers and Quantities Match Learner™ Addition Match Learner™ Subtraction
Match Learner™ Multiplication Match Learner™ Division Match Learner™ Fractions
Match Learner™ Percentages Match Learner™ Decimals