Pedagogic background

Match is a product that will help the teacher in his or her demanding job to adjust the teaching to every single student in the classroom.

Match is a teaching aid, which provides a good learning effect for both weaker and stronger students in the same class. This means that by using Match, a compound group of students at different levels all will experience challenge and acquisition in the subject of mathematics.

Match does not only focus on the correct answers, but also on a deeper understanding of the connection between the four basic arithmetical operations as well as the connection between fractions, percentage and decimal. This focus on a more profound understanding will help the students to gain mathematical flexibility.

Match has been developed with theoretical basis in well-known pedagogues like Howard Gardner, Dunn & Dunn, the Swedish pedagogue Boström and the Norwegian pedagogue Dale. The common link between all these pedagogues are the theories that every person has his or her own learning channels by which they prefer to take in information. In order to help all students, the teacher must therefore vary his or her teaching methods.