Match it up! Beginner and Advanced

Game rules and game varieties for Match it up! Beginner and Advanced:

1. Crazy Cards:

Match it up! Crazy Cards

The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

For 2-6 players. Each player is dealt 4 cards (you can vary this, with i.e. 8 cards each when you are only 2 players). The rest of the deck is put face down at the center of the table. The top card is put face up next to it.

The players will now take turns to play one card from their hand, which must match the top card in one of the following ways:

1. Matching color/suit.

2. Matching value (i.e. 1+1 and 2-1 for Beginner, or 50% og ½ for Advanced)

3. Be changing the color/suit to be played. One can do this in two different ways:

a) By playing a joker

b) By playing a card with to equal numbers on it (for Beginner, i.e. 2×2), or a card that equals zero (for Advanced, i.e. 0%). The player then gets to decide which color/suit to play next.

You should say out loud the answer to the card played every time (if you for example play the card “1+1”, you should say out loud “2” as you put the card down). If you play a wrong card where the value do not match, you must draw one penalty card from the deck, and your turn is passed on to the next player.

If a player cannot play a card, he must draw cards from the deck, until he gets a playable card, up to 3 cards.

If the deck runs out of cards, it must be re-shuffled.

When a player has one card left, she must call out “Crazy card!” before the next player puts down a card. Failing to do so, she must draw 3 penalty cards from the deck.

The first player to get rid of all cards is the winner!

PS! This game can be made even more exiting by allowing “jumping”. This means that if you have one or more cards on your hand with the same value as the top card, you can jump your turn and play your matching card(s). The players in between will then lose their turn, and the game continues with the player on your left.

2. War:

Match it up! War

The aim of the game is to conquer all cards from your opponent.

For 2 players. Deal all cards equally and put the stockpiles faces down in front of you at the table. Both players turn the top card at the same time, and say out loud the value of the card. The player with the highest value wins both cards, and put them in the bottom of his stack.

The game can end in one of two ways:

1. One player wins all the cards from his opponent.

2. The players turn cards with equal values (i.e. 2+2 and 2×2 for Beginner, or 25% and 1/4 for Advanced). The first planyer to shout “Match!” wins all cards from his opponent, and the game ends as suddenly as it started.

3. Matching 4:

Match it up! Matching 4

The aim of the game is to collect series of 4 and 4 matching cards, i.e. 1+1, 4-2, 1×2 and 4:2 for Beginner and 25%, 0.25, ¼ and Picture of 25% for Advanced. One card match of 4 cards is worth 4 points, and is put face up at the table when it is complete.

For 3-6 players. Start by dealing all the cards in the deck. The youngest player starts, by asking one of the other players for a card: “Do you have 1+1?”. The asking player is required to have at least one card with the same value, i.e. 4-2, 1×2 or 4:2.

If the asked player has got the card, she must hand it over. The asking player can now continue asking the other players for cards. His turn ends and is passed on when he does not get the card asked for.

When all players have run out of cards, the points are counted, and the player with the most points wins the game!

4. Find 100 or the whole:
Pick cards to find the whole. For instance 30% and 70%. Or 1/4 and 3/4. Or 0.10 and 0.90. Or 25 and 75.

5. Make up a new way to play:
Hand out the game to a group of children and/or adults, and tell them that this game has no rules yet. Ask if they can think of a fun way to play the game. We love to get new ideas for our games, and we will be happy to put out your brilliant ideas on this page. Please send an e-mail to

6. Most common card game rules can be adapted to these card games. Just try and see!